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We get results for our clients with the lowest ad spend possible

In a world where each Digital Marketing agency says they “perform” in social media, we as Digital Blacksmiths lead the way, using a group of dozens of full-time employees. We work around the world, supplying our customers with a depth of knowledge that’s unmatched.

We are a certified Google Partner and Bing Ads Professional and we are experts on Social Media Marketing. Last year we reached more than 2 billion people on a $10K ad spent. We recognize the commitment to supplier diversity That’s embraced by government and corporations now, and our focus on representing a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences will help your digital advertising campaigns

Digital Blacksmiths Founder and CEO Wilfried Ligthart

Wilfried Ligthart (50) is a Digital Blacksmith that specializes in driving external traffic He is an expert in developing, engaging and monetize digital communities. After a Master in Finance and a Master in Communication, he worked for years as a CEO in a multi-million-dollar Media Company in The Netherlands. He soon saw that the world was making a gigantic shift in how people live their lives and conduct business. Traditional means getting in contact with your client has totally changed in the last decade. As an entrepreneur, you need to adjust, almost on a daily basis.

As a Digital Blacksmith, he advises entrepreneurs on developing an online marketing strategy crafted to meet the goals and objectives of any company. He has grown multiple Facebook fan pages amassing millions of followers and then converting these followers into paid customers.  Finding your tribe and die-hard fans is essential to making it to the big leagues and Wilfried will show you just how to do that. Last year Wilfried reached 2 billion people on Facebook on a $ 10K budget. 



Wilfried is an expert speaker and travels the world teaching people how to build, manage and optimize ROI-focused communities with loyal buyers. In 2018 he spoke at Amazon Headquarters in London about how to drive external traffic to Amazon. His, no sales pitch speeches, are all hands-on tips about:


How to manage and create social media and online communities and how to turn loyal followers in VIP buyers.


How to optimize Facebook and Social campaigns to increase brand awareness, leads, and conversion both to your own website and Amazon.


How to effectively use Google AdWords, Shopping ads and YouTube ads. How to get the best traffic with the lowest PPC.


How to rank number 1 on Google and Bing. Outrank the competition with your keywords that drives business results by connecting user intent with relevant content.


How to build fun and interactive social media contests and giveaways that grow the audience and engage the community. What is the best strategy for product launches?


How to maintain and improve online reputation by monitoring and responding to reviews, questions, and comments.


How to setup Email and Messenger sequences that convert new customers, increase LTV, and drive revenue growth.



He is the author of the upcoming book The Secrest of Social Media

Past Speaker Events:

  • Helium 10 Elite, Los Angeles, November 2019

  • Cross Border Technology Event, Shenzhen China, November 2019

  • Block Chain Media Group, Kerrville Texas October 2019

  • Howard Thai’s Professor of Amazon Mastermind, Las Vegas July 2019

  • Kevin King’s Billion Dollar Seller Summit, Austin Texas May 2019 Link

  • Cat Howell’s Facebook Agency Accelerator, FIJI April 2019

  • Gerry Robert’s Bookology Bootcamp Stockholm March 2019

  • Gerry Robert’s Bookology Bootcamp London March 2019

  • ASGTG (2nd best Amazon seller meetup) New York January 2019 Link

  • Merge Orlando USA, September 2018 Link

  • Amazon Headquarters, London UK, July 2018 Link

  • Source in Asia, Yiwu China, April 2018

Testimonial from Cory Michael Sanchez Co-Founder of Mojo Global

and Startup Smarter founder Joe C. Johnson

Our Team

Paul Baker

Online Marketing Specialist

Yahya Khushnood

Web Developer

Andrew Go

Facebook Ads Specialist

Genesis Aquino

Google Ads Specialist

Melanie Bakker

Account Executive

Jeroen Boukens

Creative & Conceptual Designer

Nancy Wilson

Search Engine Expert

Cadence Cruz

Office Manager

Google Certifications

AdWords Fundamentals is about all the intermediate theories, including the advantages of using Adwords in online marketing. We use the best practices for optimizing and managing AdWords campaigns.

Google Shopping Certification covers intermediate and basic concepts, such as developing a Merchant Center consideration and product information feed and managing and creating Shopping campaigns.

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification covers Fundamental and advanced Google Analytics Theories.
This includes principles and planning; execution and information collection; administration and configuration; conversion and attribution; and reports, diagrams, and measurements.

AdWords Video Certification covers Intermediate and Basic Theories, Such as best practices for Producing, Optimizing and Managing Movie Promotion campaigns across YouTube and the Internet

Microsoft Bing Ads Accreditation

Bing Ads Accredited Professional is the Microsoft-Bing-Yahoo equivalent a Google AdWords Qualified Individual and a Google AdWords Certified Partner.  You need to take an exam that consists of approximately 100 questions, and you need to have proof that you have managed at least one active Bing-Yahoo advertising account.