If you have been handling Facebook pages for a couple of years, you have sadly noticed your Facebook reach goes lower and lower. On the first Facebook, articles got shown to nearly everyone who enjoyed your page. But as Facebook became increasingly more monetized (they need people to boost their articles as this means more money for them), they began to diminish that number. To what extent? 2% according to Hubspot.

Reach people on Facebook

That is correct, only 2% of your Fan Page Followers will see your posts on average if you don’t boost them. But entrepreneurs like you and I don’t want to pay to reach our fans. There is a workaround: understanding the Facebook Algorithm to be able to Boost your Facebook Organic reach and most importantly TAKE ACTION and TEST THINGS OUT! What we’ll get into here will work for Facebook personal profiles as well as Facebook groups!

I’ve been testing techniques inspired by some of the best players in the game & blog posts. You can read the result of all our testing in this article!

Inside Facebook Users Psychology

Who will not take 5-minutes to figure out how Facebook’s algorithm works? Facebook has got us hooked badly. If you want to understand how I suggest you read the book Hooked by Nir Eyal.

That’s what makes Facebook a perfect place for us marketers to be. You want to be where your prospects spend their time: you want to be in their newsfeed. So, Facebook has got us hooked as users which makes it a great place to market but at the same time it’s getting harder and harder to get our posts seen. What’s the first step to start understanding it?

Understanding Facebook Algorithm’s Goal to Boost your Reach

As entrepreneurs, our process involves first understanding the rules to use them to our advantage. What are the rules of the game?

Facebook Algorithm

Facebook news feed algorithm

Source: Techcrunch.com

If we simplify what Facebook’s news feed visibility algorithm takes into account, we get those 6 elements to which I’ve added hacks ideas that we’ll see later in the article.

  • People’s interest
    Have more people follow you and engage with your posts.
  • The post’s performance
    Boost your post’s performance by having people engage with it in the 10 minutes after it’s posted, make it engaging, make it unique.
  • Who posted it and their past performance?
    You will be favorite by creating high value-added content, consistently.
  • The type of post
    Craft posts that make users engage and spend more time on it (and on Facebook)
  • The post’s recency
    Reposting content that works in different formats at different times.
  • + 100’000 other factors
    So how does Facebook determine what to show to who?

“The objective of News Feed is to deliver the right content to the proper people at the right time so that they do not miss the stories that are important to them.” (Source: News Feed FYI: A Window Into News Feed).

Something interesting to point out: the Facebook Algorithm is highly correlated to the end user’s interests! Something else that’s key as well is that Facebook shows posts to a few engaged users (Family, fans, etc.) and, based on their engagement, shows it. In the end, Facebook’s ultimate goal is for you to stay on Facebook. That is key for them as they get to show you more advertising. It’s become clear with Facebook’s focus on ads in recent years.

Facebook organic reach ads Chart

Source: Convince & Convert

Understanding Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

Now that we know the rules, how to play the game? I’m excited to share those Facebook algorithm tips with you! I broke them down into 3 categories: what to post (and post content), when to post (aka post-timing) and other hacks that I had to share with you. Let’s dive in!

1. What to Post to boost your Facebook Organic Reach

As we’ve seen earlier, what content you post and how you post it will make or break your Facebook post’s reach. Facebook is no exception: the content has to be quality and bring value to your fans or readers. That’s also rule number one when trying to boost your Facebook posts organic reach.

A. Facebook Post Topic

Here you want to maximize engagement and interest from your audience. The more people who see your post engage, the more your post gets shown to other people. That’s logical: the more people engage with your posts, the more time they spend on Facebook so, the more your posts’ Facebook reach increases.

The way to maximize interest and engagement?

The secret is to create your article topic one which people have to respond to. It can be:

  • Stories people relate to
  • Post content
  • Topics that get people talking: gender, societal issues, quirky news from your business. Be sure that you keep them adapted to your core subject of interest.
  • How-to

B. Post Type

The Facebook article topic was about how to create Facebook users respond. Now, with the post-type, we’ll influence Facebook’s algorithm to boost your post’s Facebook reach.

Facebook has the capacity to promote particular kinds of posts more than others. By default, articles who produce more involvement are fostered. In practice, Facebook will also radically boost its latest post types. Presently, it is live videos, text statuses with colored backgrounds. In the not too distant future, it might be AV/VR videos or pictures. Stay alert and keep an eye on what is trending.

Here are the article types that usually gets displayed most (most shown to less shown)

  • Facebook Live Video
    Facebook live videos have shown to most people. For the live movie in itself, Facebook will send a notification to all of your friends/fans to let them know you are living. Maybe the best part is that you can get your live movie stored as a movie on your wall so it keeps creating more perspectives.
  • Video
    Based on the user’s preferences, Facebook will have video autoplay inside its walls. Humans are lazy; videos are fantastic for lazy. If you make the movie start enticing enough, it is a win. Pro tip: it is sensible to add subtitles by default on your own video as Facebook automobile plays them without audio.
  • Picture
    No video or live to share? No worries. But always include a picture with your text articles. A fantastic picture attracts the eyes of your lovers or friends and stops them in their non-ending Facebook feed scrolling. Bonus tip 1: make it a meme or something humorous, Bonus tip 2: try to get an original image (never posted on Facebook) since Facebook will boost them.
  • Text statuses with colored backgrounds
    Alternatively, for those who have a brief text to post like a straightforward question, this is strong. As it is pretty new, Facebook raises its reach. Plus, it is made to grab attention by default.
  • Facebook Stories
    A brand new feature also here, additional boost also.

And Facebook wants to boost its own Facebook stories. They recently made it feasible to post your Instagram stories straight as Facebook.

C. What about Links?

As I said, Facebook would like you to remain on Facebook. Links do the precise opposite and send you elsewhere. Because of this, Facebook radically reduces its reach straight away. When is the last time you have had a great Facebook success using a connection post?

So, the way to still post links?

If you’ve got a product or service to market, hyperlinks may be included in a post’s comments. In case you must post a link, ensure that the article has received enough comments & likes before posting the link. You can make it a mini-competition like”For 50 likes, I’ll gift you, X”.

2. When to Post for Maximum Facebook Reach

This is a recurring question of social networking pirates.

As important as it is, the fact is it does not matter as much as what and how you post on Facebook.

Some blogs have attempted to collect best practices on when to article on Facebook. It is fine, but it’s also quite generic.

Here’s a more tailored way to do it:
  • Find out more about your audience. Where are they found (Page Analytics for Facebook Pages)? When are they online? Do they have a job?
  • Based on those answers, come up with”optimal post times” which make sense
  • Evaluation, rinse, repeat to discover the best times.
    In my case, it is a matter of adapting my followers situated in Europe & North America.

Something that’s important is consistency. As an example, Vin Clancy recommends taking 3 hours on Sunday evenings to organize your articles for the entire week.

Schedule posts Facebook

3. Other Hacks

Here are some additional hacks to hack on the Facebook algorithm and boost your Facebook reach:

  • Facebook shows your articles to the first round of close people, then if it’s an achievement, shows it to the upcoming ones, etc.. To boost your articles right from the beginning, have friends, family or coworkers go comment and enjoy your articles in the first ten minutes after they’re posted.
  • Leverage other people’s and pages hype: go ahead and tag others and pages on your posts to profit from their followers too (and why not a talk!).
    Rebump old articles by adding a comment. Could be answering any kind of engaging!
  • Conveniently be the first commenter in your articles. You need to remove this”first to comment” stress. It is possible to add something to your post or label a couple of people to boost your articles even more!
  • When Facebook adds a new performance, it boosts it hard: jump onto them.
  • If you are trying to boost your Facebook Page’s articles achieve, take a few minutes to improve your number of Facebook enjoys!
    There is #1 greatest secret: it is about what works for you
  • At the risk of repeating myself, there’s no #1 ultimate secret and you need to test all of the above yourself. After all, nobody has the very same followers!

facebook algorithm

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