In this -> previous article I explained 4 steps you should implement to get the most out of your Social Media today. In this article I will share another 4:

5. Create Better Content… Effortlessly

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that content has to be a huge production. In reality, what matters is that it connects with the right people.

But it can be a struggle to know what to post for the audience you’re trying to connect with, and how to find balance in the type of content that you’re posting. That’s why we created the content grid.

Social media

Social media

I felt that many people would get stuck on what to post on Facebook, what to say, what to do. It’s a simple spreadsheet that gives you about 30 ideas of what to post. Any business owner can create a content grid.

The way we think about it: What are the 4-5 themes of your business? And within those themes, there are questions. A content grid is simply 30 or so ideas of what to post, or what content you can create.

6. Find the Right Mix of Content

Think through how you use each platform and where that personal part intersects. Even if you’re a very private person, there are ways to share what’s important to you.

You might even share things like a beautiful sunset. Look for those opportunities where it makes sense. There’s a lot of benefit in giving people a behind-the-scenes into what you do.

It amplifies your message, just in a different way. There’s also a lot to be said for creating those intimate relationships where you feel like you know that person. It’s those moments that really connect us as human beings. it also gives people something to hold on to.

Tell that story about your company. You’ll Have to find your comfort level and determine what you are willing to share. As soon as you get clear on your own boundaries, it makes content creation so much easier. Force yourself to get out there, again and again. Same with video. There’s nothing comfortable about getting in front of a camera, but if you do it a lot if will become second nature.

7. Integrate Video Today (Not Tomorrow)

When it comes to video, you will always find an excuse to not do it. That’s why you will need to create an atmosphere conducive to this format. That could be anywhere. The secret is to just begin.

Get yourself in a place that is quiet where there is no noise and distractions. Get In your own space and practice. In regards to the actual movie, consider the beginning, middle, and end. My advice would be: tell what you will tell them and wrap it up — have a call to action.

You’ve also got to get energy. Get fired up and do it! Once it is done, Know it will never be perfect. But just post it!

When you come from a place of sharing, not selling, it comes back to you ten-fold. When people are searching for what you do, they wish to work with you especially.

Lean into who you are and you are going to attract people who resonate with that. You don’t need to attract everybody.

8. Track the Metrics That Matter

It’s different for every business owner, but I say: start with the free tools. You can not actually track something until you know where you are at, and Facebook Insights is a terrific place to start. It may give you a feeling of your demographics, where you reach and involvement are at.

Twitter has some wonderful free analytics also as do Instagram for business. Start with where you are and evaluate what you have.

The challenge with monitoring is: you are looking at reach, you are looking at engagement, but how does that translate into business?

Lots of businesses, among the best things you can do is invest in Landing pages, particularly if you’re performing Facebook ads or if you start blogging or video.

A landing page, particularly for a little or midsize business, is relatively low cost and relatively easy to establish. It’s a terrific way to monitor: are people downloading my free ebook? Are people signing up for my email list?

Landing pages can make a massive difference. They’re pretty straight-forward and a wonderful place to start.

social media


Whether you are a seasoned social marketer or just getting started, there is a lot to learn. Be sure to talk about your client, say hello, and let them know how much you appreciated all that they share.

As you know, success in social media does not happen by accident. It’s planned for.

Putting a plan in place will quickly track your efforts and keep your attention on what matters most — not what matters at the moment.

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