With the emergence of social media, a new marketing strategy was born, and so are Social Media Trends. This targeted content marketing allows businesses to engage more with their customers and create user-driven content to grow the company. Social media is constantly evolving, and new platforms arrive on the market regularly, so companies must harness this medium’s marketing power and develop a comprehensive campaign that stretches across all platforms.

Here are six social media trends that have changed the way companies advertise and increase sales.

1- Influencers

Influencers are people on social media who are paid by different brands to promote products and services. Micro-influencers are everyday people who have anywhere from 1,000-to 90,000 followers. Macro influencers have more than 100,000 followers.

Typically, micro-influencers result in a higher conversion rate because they are loyal and trusted by customers. Unlike celebrity influencers, micro-influencers often promote practical and convenient products that appeal to a crowd of regular people.

2- Ephemeral Content

This type of content is short-lived and typically lasts 24 hours or less. Consumers enjoy this form of advertising because their social media accounts are not spammed with numerous daily posts. From a company standpoint, ephemeral content is more engaging than blogs and other content types, resulting in a better conversion rate.

Because customers know they only have a short amount of time to react to special deals and promotions or limited-time offers, they are more likely to act immediately when they see an ephemeral ad.

3- User-Generated Content

Consumers love to be featured on the social media sites of brands they enjoy. By allowing them to do so through ad campaigns, hashtags, and pictures, you can vastly increase the audience of your campaign. This strategy works because people are more likely to use hashtags or post promotional pictures if they have a chance to get the company’s attention and be recognized.

Every time a customer uses one of your hashtags in a social media post, your company becomes easily accessible to their followers. The customer then acts as an influencer because friends and family are more likely to buy from your company if someone they know and trust recommends the business. Including user-generated content in your marketing strategy is a cost-efficient way to spread awareness of your brand and promote special deals and advertisements.

4- Live Streaming

Many social media platforms have adopted live streaming features that allow people to share real-time experiences with friends and family. Thousands of brands have started taking advantage of this popular function and using it to promote their products. A recent study confirmed that 82% of people prefer watching live streams to reading blogs. This is because video content is more engaging. Consumers are less like to have their attention wander while watching streaming videos. This strategy also allows companies to show customers how their products work. When people understand the products, they are more likely to buy them.

5- Paid Advertisements

Because social media is so popular, every platform has enormous advertising potential. You have the freedom to create broad ads that share your brand’s message or develop niche ads that appeal to your target audience. You can also determine how often you want your ad shown to consumers so you can avoid spamming their timelines.

Many entrepreneurs and investors, such as Nicole Junkermann, understand the value of this type of cost-efficient advertising. By targeting a specific audience, your company can increase its conversion rate and lead to increased sales. With a broader campaign, you can spread awareness of your brand, so more people know it exists.

A combination of these two strategies through the use of paid advertisements is a beautiful way to grow your business.

6- Chatbots

As artificial intelligence technology expands, chatbots are becoming more popular. Implementing this technology into your business is one of the newest, most effective ways to secure sales. Many companies use chatbots to speak with customers online. The technology is designed to formulate a response to customer inquiries based on keywords used in the questions. By popping up when potential customers visit your company’s website, chatbots can answer any questions and increase the likelihood that people with making a purchase.

Social media has become so popular that it is now a vital component of successful marketing. Your business must stay on top of current trends and customize its marketing campaign to include these strategies. The six trends above are relatively new but have successfully shared advertisements and brand awareness.

It is not enough to focus on one or two current trends. To reap the full benefits of social media marketing, you must create a strategy that uses all of these trends to appeal to a broader audience.