If you are ready with your book, you want it to become a bestseller. Here are ten tips to get your book that attention that it deserves. Not many writers are now doing these things, making it very easy for us to get a lot of free visitors and visibility and maintain our books to rank well, without telling anyone to buy my book.

1. Write blog articles about “best books in (your genre)”.

  • Do 10 of these. Tell the authors you showcased them and they may share (more comfortable to do if your site or blog is a genre-specific site as opposed to separate author blog).
Book launch

Book launch



2. Review those books on platforms like YouTube.

  • Feature them on your website, get writers to see/share your review. Article on Amazon (if you examine books, you may add a video review — which gets your face before plenty of subscribers; more importantly, if you email the author and let them know with a link to the article on your website, they will probably share it with their viewers ).

3. Do a book giveaway with ten most excellent books closest to yours.

  • Engage and build a relationship with your audience by requesting questions/telling stories.
  • Build an email list with at least 1000 or more targeted readers (who enjoy the topic or niche you have written about).
  • Build Facebook and Twitter followers to at least 1000 or more (promoting a giveaway with compensated twitter or Facebook advertisements will lead to several followers).
  • Use targeted Facebook advertisements to reach readers who enjoy those books; utilize KingSumo or Gleam to make them enter/share. Email and remind them to discuss again to increase chances.

4. Set up a book on preorder.

  • Run multi-author promo with peeps on your field (you want to find other independent authors that are trying to market their books and provide to arrange something for the — many will be eager. Get all to share YOUR page on your website where you feature each of their books (if you feature their free books on a website called prolificworks.com then prolificworks.com will also typically share it with their email list).
  • Put up sample or ARC publication on prolificworks.com.
  • Experiment with amazon advertisements, use 300+ keywords and see what converts the best (you won’t find lots of sales on a preorder publication with no testimonials, but it’s still possible to see which keywords get the maximum clicks and visibility ). If you are using keywords of authors/books on your genre, you will begin populating your “also bought” and “also viewed” section.



5. Break your publication into 20 teasers

  • Read Modest articles on youtube.
  • Make beautiful images with the text add publication or author name to bottom (use Wordswag or Canva). Share on Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook.
  • Share one per day leading up to a book launching

6. Post articles

  • Post articles on high authority, websites using keywords people are looking for, link to your site and your Amazon book listing.

7. Use keywords in the Amazon description.

  • Hook, narrative, conflict/character + social proof + keywords.
  • The description must SHOW UP when people search for things — the more people are looking for those items, the more eyeballs you will receive. Then it’s to CONVERT hose subscribers to buys/downloads (if the cover is not powerful enough, they’ll never read the description!)

8. Send ARC

  • Send ARC from your list of 1000, provide them with a free book (with a book funnel or free give-a-way). Request reviews on launch. Or print paperback and make it inaccessible so that they could review the preorder early



9. Launch your book.

  • Wait a few days (position is always done after preorder launching ). Make sure that the typos are fixed and everything seems high. Remind your listing to get the free book and examine it as soon as possible. Wait till you’ve at least ten book reviews.
  • Go big with Amazon advertisements, spend to $20 per day (or even $100) for your launch week. If done correctly, you need to break even at least (even if you don’t, you will be populating you also bought, which is significant ).

10. Promote, either free effort first.

  • Use a 99 cent effort, or the other way round (the smaller your viewers, the more free books you’ll have to give away). Spread out promotions, do an enormous free or 99 cents promo every few weeks. Advertise on all the significant book promo websites.